400dpiLogoThe Vision …..

Witchford Community Land Trust is a charitable organisation which has been formed by a group of local people.  We are passionate about providing local people with community assets such as quality affordable housing which will enhance our village.  They will be built to satisfy the demands of our community and will remain in the ownership of the community forever.


Our aim is:

  • To provide housing/community assets which our village will be proud of.
  • Which will sit comfortably in our village and of good design.
  • To build from sustainable sources, with minimal environmental impact.
  • To create assets with low running costs and low energy bills.
  • To fund the construction to ensure community ownership for sustainable long term use.

We’re very excited about the project, giving the community the voice to say what it wants.  If you are interested in joining Witchford Community Land Trust, we’d love to hear from you.  Please see the membership tab for further details.